Our Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery

Capturing Moments of Education and Joy

All the donations of books, clothes, Christmas gifts were generously offered by Ecole Clairefontaine in Venice, California. The Badoumven school was remodeled and a playground was created thanks to a fundraising made by Ecole Claire Fontaine as well as donations made by friends and family. Thanks to you all!

Gifts and school supplies donation in Batossouo, Cameroon. January 2022

Sanitary remodeling, Batossouo, April 2022

School remodeling Badoumven, Cameroon November 2022

Clothes donation Batossouo, Cameroon December 2022

Playground construction Badoumven, Cameroon December 2022

Clothes donation to elementary school of Batossouo, Cameroon. January 2023

Office remodeling, Badoumven elementary school in Cameroon. May 2023

Fundraising at École Clairefontaine for elementary schools in Cameroon.

Children are so precious